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Literature Term Paper Topics

Literature Term Paper Topics Most professors, occupied in literature learning, and teaching literature classes are sure, that there is nothing more exciting than writing a literature term paper. There are various literature term paper topics, all ready to be covered by students and there is a whole new world just underneath the surface. Most professors, are sure that literature is a very exciting topic, and whenever you are given an opportunity to write a literature term paper – you have to seize the moment to dig the real meaning of every aspect of the literature you are researching on. You have to love what you do, so whenever you are given a literature term paper assignment – you have to learn to appreciate the literature, learn to love it, etc. But not everyone is capable to learn to love something. There is a theory that appreciation of a certain literature masterpiece comes from the character of every person, and that there are certain literature novels, that a person is simply not capable to appreciate, due o his own character issues, etc. In most cases of every literature course – when asked to write a literature term paper   you basically need to write a term paper on the material you have covered in class. From one point of view – it can be easier for you, you don’t have to invent a bicycle, and search for something new in your literature term paper, but on the other hand, your imagination is limited, and you are forced to write on something that can be less interesting for you, than some other poetry, prose, etc. that may be more appealing to you, but which was unfortunately not covered in class. The format of writing a literature term paper, is only one, which is an expository term paper style. This style is basically an explanatory term paper style, which means that you will have to explain something from the literature that has been discussed in school. This is more specific for poetry type of literature, but also can be referred to prose Though you are very limited in your literature term paper, it still leaves you with plenty of things to think about and explain, and basically depends on what you have been studying in school. If you were discussing Shakespeare’s â€Å"Much ado about nothing†, you might want to explain the whole feminist issue in the play, and how early ideas of feminism influenced the feminism we see right now, the whole idea of equality, et cetera. Your basic objective, when writing a literature term paper, is to be able to cover the whole material you have discussed in class, prove that you have successfully understood it, as well as ass some new ideas, that are also interesting and relevant. In most cases – the best way to write a term paper on literature is the five paragraph term paper style. This particular style gives you a great opportunity to explain and address everything you want to be addressed without going further in to details, but a five paragraph term paper style is not a universal solution, so in some cases you might want to consider something more relevant. For instance if you are taking a Shakespeare class – you won’t be able to depict Hamlet in 5 paragraphs as it is simply not enough, and you will have to exceed it. It doesn’t matter whether you are writing a literature term paper on Hamlet with his madness, or addressing the feministic issues in Much ado about nothing – you still have to be extremely imaginative, bright, original and extraordinary. The whole point of writing a literature term paper is to show your ability to perceive something that is not on the surface and make sure you understood the correct sense. Whenever you are given an assignment to write a literature term paper, you have to think what would make your literature term paper dazzling and intriguing. There are many ways you can achieve that, either by finding something no one else has ever discussed, or simply depicting something of your own vision. But you must not forget, that whenever you write a literature term paper, you need to pay the dues to the author, composer, playwright, poet and writer. If you really want the best grade for your literature term paper, you need to set in your mind that you have to write the best literature term paper, or you won’t be noticed at all, and your paper will be graded as an average paper, which is never good. If you feel, that your thoughts and ideas are not that inventive and you feel that you require assistance in writing the literature term paper, you might want to consider a quality custom writing service, which will help you achieve that.

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Globalization and health Inequalities Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Globalization and health Inequalities - Essay Example Lee (2000) explain that globalisation is an unavoidable and primarily gentle process of global economic integration, in which countries increasingly drop border restrictions on the flow of capital, goods and services. He further acknowledged that risks are a more rapid spread of disease through tourism and the speedier and more massive and regular movement of goods and people. He noted that the risks of globalisation processes can be managed and are more than offset by benefits in the dissemination of new ideas, technologies and steady global economic growth (Lee 2000). Whereas, Dowler (2007) define inequalities in health to mean difference in health experience between different groups of people, in that some groups of people experience poorer health than the majority of the population. This he said, is usually due to life circumstances, such as living in poverty, on low or fixed incomes, in poor housing, having few opportunities for social activities, a lack of connectedness to community; and, to discrimination arising from gender, poverty, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation or disability (Dowler, 2007). This paper will present a literature review on globalisation and its effects on health inequalities. The main objective is to provide a framework to understand how globalisation accelerates current changes in our lifestyles, the free movement of people travelling (Tourism) in relation to the rapid spread of infectious diseases, noticeably SARS. Inaddition, the estimate shows increasing gaps between the rich and poor that emerged in the various literatures. Research shows that the globalisation process as it is defined by Lee (2000) and others, that globalisation are responsible for the accelerated free movement of people. WHO (2003) estimated that more than two million travellers cross international borders on a daily basis. This includes not only economic migrants, refugees but also tourism. It is suggested that, a traveller infected with SARS could easily be transported across the globe six times within the incubation period of this deadly disease (WHO, 2003). This research will a nalyse this statement in detail and provide points for future research needs, based on the current globalisation policy debates and around the spread of diseases, and it will also make a case study of SARS in order to enrich the proposal. RESEARCH QUESTION: Does globalisation contribute to health inequality' AIM: To analyze and discuss, where, why and how the globalisation process affects or accelerates health inequality OBJECTIVES: 1. To see what has and has not been investigated about globalisation and how does it affect health inequality 2. To identify potential relationships between the concepts and to identify researchable needs in the area 3. To develop an understanding of how free movement of people such as tourism has changed cultures/lifestyles, through the process of globalisation 4. To demonstrate knowledge of the history of the spread of infectious diseases and globalisation of trade and investments 5. To discover how my research project can be related to the work of others LITERATURE REVIEW I will conduct my research, from the

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European Parliament Elections Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

European Parliament Elections - Essay Example BULGARIA Parliamentary elections of 2007 resulted in the victory for a new center-right party: Citizens for the European Development of Bulgaria (GERB) under Boyko Borisov. Georgi Parvanov has been the president of the country since 2002. The center-right GERB opposition party won 26.2% of the vote and five seats in the 2009 election. They beat the ruling Socialists (18.9%/4 seats). CZECH REPUBLIC The two round parliamentary elections which were conducted in 2006 was shaded off by a dishonor, resulting in reformation of government in 2007. Mirek Topolanek who leads the Civic democrats formed a new center-right government in January 2007. This government consisted of Topolanek's Civic Union, the Greens, and the Christian Democratic Union-Czechoslovak People's Party. Jan Fisher has been the prime minister since 8 May 2009. FRANCE Legislative elections for the national assembly took place in June 2007 in France. President Nickolas Sarkozy's UMP won the elections. Sarkozy was elected as the president in 2007. This was only because of the center-right voters. They elected Francois Fillon of the UMP as their prime minister. In the 2009 elections, Sarkozy's UMP received 28%. French MEP Joseph Daul who is theEPP-ED group chairman stated his party had won because it had verbalized "about Europe" andwas away from any controversies. ITALY Italy's President Giorgio Napolitan, who is a former leader of the Italian Communist Party, was elected in April 2006. But in the 2008 elections Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi's People of Freedom Party won the elections. Berlusconi constituted a center-right cabinet of ministers which included his People of Freedom coalition and the Northern League. Berlusconi's 'Party of Liberty' (PdL) secured 39%, of the votes against 27.5% which its main rival, the centre-left PD secured. IRELAND Ireland's elections to the lower house of parliament were conducted in May 2007. Prime Minister Bertie Ahern and his Fioanna Fail Party were victorious. Fianna Fail continued as the largest party but its coalition partners -the Progressive Democrats- were not as victorious. Mary McAleese has been the president of Ireland since 1997. LATVIA The Center-right party won the June 2004 elections in Latvia. The majority coalition consisted of People's Party and other center-right parties. The party led by Aigars Kalvitis became a minority coalition with the departure of one party. In 2007, Prime Minister Ivars Godmanis the head of the center-right Latvian Way party formed a center-right coalition government. LITHUANIA The center-left government was replaced by the center-right in the elections conducted in October 2008. The center-right party is headed by prime minister and leader of the Homeland Union Lithuanian Christian Democrats Party Andrius Kubilius. Dalia Grybauskaite is Lithuania's first female president who was elected in May 2009. POLAND Lech Kaczynki was the elected president in October 2005 elections. But in the Snap elections on October 21 2007 resulted in the victory of the center-right opposition party which is led by Donald Tusk. Tusk became Poland's prime minister in November 2007 and led a coalition government of his civic platform party and the Polish People's Party. SPAIN Prime Minister Zapatero's Socialists won the Parliamentary elections which

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Free trade Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Free trade - Assignment Example The U.S. on the other side has increased the import of agricultural products to Canada and Mexico (Orme, 1996). The economic basis of trade is to exchange goods and services for currency. It will be abuse to common sense to purchase or rather get poor services in the name of saving our local industries from foreign competition yet we get poor services and goods. We would rather go for a specialist. Research shows American did well economically because they allowed free movement of goods across its neighbors. While Europe, because they are protecting themselves from their neighbors did not do quite well. I bought my nephew a play station made from China. China makes good toys for children. America produces good computers. We can, therefore, sell our computers to China as we buy their toys (Orme, 1996). Free trade has allowed Americans to import textiles from Mexico. My dress was made from Mexico. There are very few people wearing clothes made in America. There have been slogans saying that buy America keep your job. However, it is costly to put trade restrictions in order to save the local industries. The taxpayers pay more than those that have free trade. The benefit of buying American goods is that jobs are saved (Orme, 1996). Trade restrictions should only apply in cases where there is a violation of preservation rules. For example, food or agricultural products posing a danger to human life due to use of hazardous chemicals should be restricted. International trade does not stop competition or even cause unemployment (Orme, 1996). International trade enables countries to be able to have a look at different types of goods and compare them to theirs. It will challenge local industries to produce better goods and services in order to maintain their

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Essay on Satire in Lysistrata -- Lysistrata Essays

Satire in Lysistrata Satire is a literary manner built on wit and humor with a critical attitude directed to human institutions and humanity. A successful satiric play will show certain truths about society and then try to improve upon them. Satire is meant to be constructive rather than destructive. Aristophanes uses satire in Lysistrata to convey many different themes such as war and peace, the struggles of power and class, and the life and death issues that are seen in war. Satire is successfully used and seen in Lysistrata by stereotyping women in general and then the different classes of women as well. Double entendres are seen throughout the play to help add humor to the play. Sex is used as humorous tool but only to covey a deeper theme that consists of war and peace and also of life and death. Aristophanes stereotypes women as bickering, self-centered, unintelligent people in the beginning. They are sex driven and selfish. Lysistrata is upset that the women are late for the very important meeting "Here I've called a meeting to discuss a very important matter, and they're all still fast asleep" (180). Calonice sums up what women are thought to do all day, and also what they represent to their households; "The women! What could they ever do that was any use? Sitting at home putting flowers in their hair, putting on cosmetics and saffron gowns and Cimberian see-through shifts, with slippers on our feet?" (181). It is in fact these very frivolous ideas that are used to bring peace to the two cities. Throughout the play Aristophanes begins to knock down ... ... convey deeper themes of life and death, the struggles between power and class structure and also the societal differences between men and women. Aristophanes uses humor to hook his audience into his play, and then undermines the surface humor with much bigger thematic issues. If this play had simply been about women withholding sex for other reasons such as wanting more money for shopping or other frivolous ideas it would not then be considered a satiric comedy. Satire requires more than physical humor. An issue must be raised such as the life and death theme that is seen in the war in Lysistrata, and a solution must then be made. Aristophanes created the women in the beginning to be bickering, unintelligent, and self-centered people. But in the end it was their idea and compromise that ended the war.

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Enlightenment Period and the Scientific Revolution Essay

The relationship between the development of the Enlightenment Period and the Scientific Revolution was that the Scientific Revolution was an aspect of the Enlightenment on a whole. The Scientific Revolution helped in the process of the Enlightenment by bringing new advances in areas such as Nicolas Copernicus and his new theory that would soon discarded the old geocentric theory that placed the Earth at the center of the solar system and replaced it with a heliocentric theory in which the Earth was simply one of a number of planets orbiting the sun. Another great advancement during the Scientific Revolution was in the field of astronomy. Johannes Kepler proved the orbits of the planets were elliptical, but was unable to come up with an effective model of the solar system. That was left to Galileo, who in 1630 published his Dialogue on the Two Chief Systems of the World, in which he supported the Copernican, or heliocentric theory of the universe, and denounced the Aristotelian system , which maintained the geocentric theory. Galileo supported his claims with elaborate evidence derived from the study of physics. Also the achievements made in mathematics and physics were revolutionary. In the form of the development of algebra, trigonometry, the advance of geometry and the linkage of form and motion with quantifiable numeric values undertaken by Rene Descartes. Armed with these tools, the science of physics began to advance rapidly. The primary concepts changing social mores marked the beginning of the Enlightenment, as individualism, which stressed the importance of the individual and his rights as a citizen. Relativism, which was the concept that different ideas, cultures, beliefs, and value systems had equal merit. And rationalism, which was the conviction that using the power of reason, humans could arrive at truth and make progress toward improving human life. These views gained widespread adherence in the wake of the Scientific Revolution, the Age of Exploration, the weakening of traditional religion, and the decline of monarchical rule. All of these trends served to prepare Europe for the Enlightenment period. One key achievement during the Scientific Revolution was John Locke’s writings of the (Second Treatise on Civil Government) Locke’s writing argued that a government run by the people was the beast system for us to live by. Locke’s writings remain as fresh and popular today as when he wrote them in 1688. Another key achievement during the Scientific Revolution was Sir Isaac Newton’s theories on astronomy that went a step further and formulated an  accurate comprehensive model of the workings of the universe based on the law of universal gravitation. Newton explained his theories in the 1687 revolutionary work called simply the Principia. This work also went along way toward developing calculus. The difference in the perspective of Catholics and Protestants during the Enlightenment was very little. Both cults felt that any idea or ideals that might elevate man to a level of self realization or thinking that might deviate from that of the church views was both dangerous and unholy. In response to this, the church ordered genocide and mass torture upon those who it deemed outside of god’s word. Do you think that there are similar cultural or religious barriers against scientific discovery today? All I can say is this. Despite scientific and physical truths of dinosaurs and the Ice Age, masses of people refuse to believe that the earth in older than a few thousand years†¦ But then, they also worship blindly to a silent god. Works cited. (1) Western Humanities Vol. II fifth edition (2) (The Panorama of the Renaissance) Edited by: Margaret Aston, Abradale Press (3) Various internet research sites.

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Collaboration and Research Misconduct - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 1 Words: 340 Downloads: 4 Date added: 2019/10/10 Did you like this example? The Review committee’s   chaired by Malcolm Beasley from Stanford University decision to exonerate Schon’s co-authors S. Berg; Ch. Kloc; B. Batlogg does not seem the most appropriate decision they should have made though different dimensions can be taken while dealing with such a case (Gross, 2016). Co-authors have a responsibility to ensure that the results submitted from any scientific findings are correct and free from fabrication, falsification, and plagiarism. According to the review conducted, these three co-authors did not raise any conjunction which can either prove their ignorance or gross misconduct whereby Schon could have corrupted them (Gross, 2016). The principal investigators should conduct settings with their researchers to discuss the ongoing work, data interpretation, issues that may arise among others so as to ensure that data is not manipulated due to issues that may arise during the progress .Data management and ownership. Raw data should be preserved well for future review (Hartgerink, Wicherts, 2016). External data storage devices should be made available so as to ensure that the researcher does not blame missing or deleted data on storage availability. The authors with their co-authors should be fully made aware that the data they fill in can be used against them if any misconduct is found during future reviews (Smith, Hunt, Master, 2014). Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Collaboration and Research Misconduct" essay for you Create order Misconduct on the institution where it happened has proved to have a negative effect that is detrimental on the institution in question. For instance, in the case where Bell Lab was the institution, further and future research finding from that institution remains questionable and is subjected to scrutiny and investigations may be opened for other researcher work conducted by that institution (Ludvigsson et al, 2015). The impact of research misconduct in todays society varies based on the level of fraud or misconduct committed. The cost can go high up to US$ 525,000 for a single investigation (Skerritt, Hall, 2015). Currently, with the high-level of technological advancement, any fraud can cause much hard within a short period due to issues like globalization where information follow fast and majority adapt quickly.