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Marketing and Management Productivity Measurement

Question: Discuss about the Marketing and Management for Productivity Measurement. Answer: Marketing approach for Leopard Control The marketing approach used by Leopard Controls was overly ambitious as it strived to offer good price and good benefits to the consumers. The company was undertaking risk in offering expertise to the competitors, that appeared to be beneficial, but had significant amount of risk. The marketing professional should strive to gain competitive advantage for the firm but with minimum number of risks. If the company continues to offer their unique services to the customers at cheap prices, it would hamper their business prospects and their services would lose their importance. Leopard Control is a relatively new company, which would determine its marketing approach carefully (Sheth and Sisodia 2015). A marketing professional should use the bottom-up selling procedure. This implies that the company would sell to a large audience. The bottom-up selling strategy should be implemented carefully (Jagoda Lonseth and Lonseth 2013). It should start with the employees of the organization. They sho uld be exposed with the product and if they are satisfied with it, they can promote the product to their peers. This would also allow them to propose their managers about the implementation of the product globally. The marketing professional should also try to gain competitive advantage for Leopard Controls. It should aim at positioning strategy rather than opting for prospective clients (Zhao Libaers and Song 2015). It should also try to focus on the in house team and motivate them so that they can provide their maximum productivity. They should be able to manufacture as well as design a product themselves and not rely on other companies. Advantages and disadvantages of current marketing approach There are several advantages of the current marketing approach of Leopard Controls. The company put major emphasis on ensuring customer satisfaction. They aimed to provide products that best suit the needs of the target customers. They took all the necessary steps to improve the satisfaction rate of the customers. The company not only manufactured customer centric products but also helped them in every possible aspect. They have a wonderful mechanism of gaining new customers (Hughes Le Bon and Rapp 2013). The company provided information to the customers which are outside the purview of the organizations. This delighted the customers and prompted them to make purchases from the company. This marketing approach also helped the company to penetrate in the market at a short span of time (Turnbull and Valla 2013). It is important for small companies to increase their visibility in the market. The company also strived to undertake strategies that put themselves ahead of their competitors. It is important for the companies to understand the strengths of the competitors and design their marketing strategies accordingly (Turnbull and Valla 2013). There are several disadvantages of the marketing approach used by the company. It is good that the company strived to gain loyal customers. This, however, had certain loopholes. The company provided important information outside their business domain. This was not good every time. If any issues aroused regarding the transfer of information and if the customers find that the information is not true, then it would create a bad image of the company. It may happen that the company didnt possess updated information which may lead to conflicts between the customers and the company. The customers may misinterpret the intentions of the company (Kim and Zhang 2014). The marketing approach didnt protect the company from its competitors. Leopard Controls shared amicable relations with the clients that switched on to other companies by providing them with expertise at cheap prices. This implies that they are not concerned about maintaining their brand image. They are also reducing their sales re venue by selling expertise to the customers of the competitors. It is true that the companies should maintain cordial relations with the competitors but it is also true that the companies should serve their best interests. There can also be wrong perceptions regarding the price and the quality of the products since the company was being too pushy in their approach. The company was undertaking risks in the marketing approach, without any strong risk management strategies. They were openly offering their value added services to the customers of their competitors, which may pose sudden adversities to the company. References Hughes, D.E., Le Bon, J. and Rapp, A., 2013. Gaining and leveraging customer-based competitive intelligence: the pivotal role of social capital and salesperson adaptive selling skills.Journal of the Academy of marketing Science,41(1), pp.91-110. Jagoda, K., Lonseth, R. and Lonseth, A., 2013. A bottom-up approach for productivity measurement and improvement.International Journal of Productivity and Performance Management,62(4), pp.387-406. Kim, E. and Zhang, R., 2014. Mediating role of initial trust on the relationship between website quality and purchase intention. Sheth, J.N. and Sisodia, R.S., 2015.Does marketing need reform?: Fresh perspectives on the future. Routledge. Turnbull, P.W. and Valla, J.P. eds., 2013.Strategies for international industrial marketing. Routledge. Zhao, Y.L., Libaers, D. and Song, M., 2015. First Product Success: A Mediated Moderating Model of Resources, Founding Team Startup Experience, and Product Positioning Strategy.Journal of Product Innovation Management,32(3), pp.441-458.

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Repositioning of Candia Milk free essay sample

We are very grateful to Mr Muntazir Mehdi for teaching us curriculum of  Marketing Management  his versatile knowledge in marketing field and unique  teaching  style  has  developed  our  knowledge  and  cleared  many marketing concepts. We are all the most grateful to him for assigning this project, which has further helped us in evaluating many interrelated dimensions of marketing field. Finally we bestow our thanks to CDL Foods limited  and all the people who has directly or indirectly supported us with their assistance and guidance to compose  this  report  and  accomplish  broader  vision  to  visualize  things  in marketing concepts. This Marketing Plan is prepared for the course of â€Å"Marketing Management† on Candia Milk. It is a product of CDL Foods Limited Pakistan. In this marketing plan we have covered the industry analysis, target market of the product, pricing, product, promotion, and distribution strategies for the product. We have given the details about the strategy implementation and details of promotion budget. We will write a custom essay sample on Repositioning of Candia Milk or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page We have covered almost all aspects of the marketing plan COMPANY INFORMATION CDL Foods Limited (formerly Chaudhry Dairies Limited) is a fast growing food products company. CDL was established in 1984 as a private limited company. The company came up with â€Å"haleeb milk† and later on it continued to expand its product line. In 1988, CDL introduced â€Å"Haleeb Cream† which was not only launched directly for consumer market but also supplied to many ice cream factories where it was use a core ingredient. The company also operates as a franchise of  Candia Cedilac of France. CDL has a state of the art milk processing facility situated at 62-KM Multan road, Near Bhai Pheru, and has a team of 400 exceptional individuals to support its operations. They are committed to strict quality standards in all their operations from collection of milk to the provision of hygienically processed food nutritious products to their customers. The head office of CDL is located in the evergreen city of  Lahore at 135-Ferozepur Road. CDL is producing a number of food products both for  consumers and industrial users. CDL is the market leader in the dairy milk industry.

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Network Consultation Proposal Essay Essays

Network Consultation Proposal Essay Essays Network Consultation Proposal Essay Essay Network Consultation Proposal Essay Essay Essay Topic: Equus DesignIT is a in writing humanistic disciplines company that is spread outing concern and has late purchased a new edifice 56’*36’ infinite for the intent of lodging two full clip interior decorators and a receptionist. The new edifice has four cells. one office. one waiter room. one response desk. and a conference room. DesignIT has already relocated one Web Server ( Microsoft IIS Server ) . one File Server ( Microsoft Server 2008 ) . and one more Waiter 2008 ( Small Business Server ) . As a web design adviser. I have been charged with the undertaking of planing and configuring the web for DesignIT. The little company has informed me that the web should include six computing machines. three pressmans. a Firewall. a radio web for portable devices. and a high velocity cyberspace connexion. DesignIT has besides requested me that all the interrelated devices and wiring. along with the velocity should be able to offer the best public presentation. I will plan a Local Area N etwork ( LAN ) for DesignIT. a Local Area Network ( LAN ) is a web of computing machines. and other web devices such as pressmans which exchange informations. and are located under one roof. LAN webs are largely used in little organisations or little concerns. The computing machines in a LAN communicate through protocols and portion informations such as files and electronic mails. Every computing machine in a web is assigned a alone Internet Protocol ( IP ) . When a computing machine communicates by directing a petition to the LAN web. it is routed to a peculiar waiter that has the requested information. The waiter so communicates back to the IP reference of bespeaking computing machine with the information that was requested ( Kenyon. 2002 ) . There are three waiters for DesignIT. the Web Server will be used to link the company to the cyberspace. and the File Server will be utilized for sharing while the Small Business Server will be utilized as a Mail Server. Since DesignIT needs a web that incorporates six computing machines. three pressmans. and a radio web. the web design should therefore take several factors into consideration. These factors will impact on the web costs. velocity. substructure. and functionality. When planing this Local Area Network ( LAN ) for DesignIT. there is besides need to see the web demands. The web should incorporate sound. picture. synchronal. every bit good as asynchronous informations. When planing the LAN web. the organisational ends of DesignIT should be factored in the LAN design. I will besides pay attending to web throughput. line charges. security. and the integrating of newer engineerings in the hereafter. When planing a LAN web. some issues must be considered. one of these issues is the organization’s short. medium. and long term ends. Several factors to be considered include the web equipment. user applications. end-user equipment ( workstations ) . and connectivity to the cyberspace. The LAN web for DesignIT will include other web devices which include gateways. routers. firewall. and overseas telegrams. Without these devices communicating can non be possible from a computing machine to another in the LAN web. A router and switch are the most of import devices of a web. Networks which are good configured and have a good substructure are helpful in be ttering manageableness. public presentation. dependability and cut downing overall operating cost ( Kenyon. 2002 ) . To put up this LAN web for the DesignIT. the following are the hardware and package devices that I would use so as to plan the LAN web for DesignIT. T1 Lines- This is a criterion for informations communicating which was foremost developed in the sixtiess. T1 lines offer a information rate of 1. 544Mbps. I will use T1 nexus from Verizon to link DesignIT to the cyberspace. T1 lines are offer private voice and dependable informations networking. A T1 line typically costs $ 1000 per month. Cisco Linksys Firewall- A firewall is a package or hardware web device that controls incoming and surpassing informations communicating through analysing informations packages and giving permissions whether to let or non based on a set of regulations. A firewall may besides include a default gateway or a placeholder waiter which helps to do web petition on the behalf of a user. I will use Cisco-Linksys BEFSX41 EtherFast Cable/DSL Firewall Router ( 4-Port 10/100 Switch / VPN Endpoint ) for this web. The device costs $ 150. LAN Switch- A LAN Switch performs the same work as a hub except that. a switch does non broadcast packages to every computing machine in the web like hubs. All the computing machines and computing machine devices will be connected to the switch by Ethernet overseas telegrams. The LAN Switch costs $ 150. Linksys Wireless Router- A router is a web device that is used to link two or more computing machine devices in a web. The Linksys Wireless router will be utilized to link wireless devices the LAN web. The Linksys WRT54G Wireless Router that I will utilize in this instance costs $ 150. Ethernet Cables- Ethernet Cables will be utilized to link all the web devices in the DesignIT LAN web. They will link routers. switches. computing machines. and pressmans in the LAN web. I will use CAT5 Ethernet Cables for this web. The Ethernet overseas telegrams will be about $ 100 for DesignIT LAN web. ESET NOD32 Antivirus- an Antivirus is package that is used to forestall. observe. and take malicious computing machine plans. ESET NOD32 Antivirus is a good pick since it besides acts against other types of malware such as worm. Trojan Equus caballuss. back doors. and spyware. The ESET NOD32 Antivirus 6 that I will use for this web costs $ 40 for subscription of one twelvemonth. The edifice will portion one cyberspace connexion ( T-1 nexus from Verizon ) . This connexion will come to Web Server in the waiter room. This will be the entree point of the LAN web of DesignIT. The T-1 nexus from Verizon will link the company to the cyberspace and can besides be utilized to link the LAN web to another LAN or WAN web in instance the company decides to spread out concern in future. The T-1 nexus utilizes frame relay which will supply the edifice with high velocity informations connexion between and among all users. This connexion will besides enable all computing machines to have dedicated connexion at a velocity that every computing machine requires. This connexion will besides be low-cost for DesignIT since it is merely charged for the resources. It costs an norm of $ 1000 per month. Frame relay is an industry criterion engineering for accessing fast package switched. â€Å"cloud computing† informations webs ( Bates. 2000 ) . Through T1 link DesignIT will utilize frame relay as an interface between informations terminal equipment such as routers. switches. and host machines such as waiters. This engineering will supply connectivity via logical channels or lasting practical circuit connexions which will be deployed over dedicated entree installations and shared on a high public presentation exchanging platform. This shared informations platform and anchor makes transport more efficient. such that allusers will have better web throughput which is besides cost effectual. T-1 nexus engineering is an added advantage for DesignIT LAN web since it is flexible to utilize and an first-class platform for many application. Since multiple practical connexions are established over one physical entree line. Frame Relay can cut down the figure of client premises router p orts necessary for LAN applications. The figure of private lines required to achieve mesh connectivity and dependability can besides be reduced. Frame Relay handles terminal to-host. LAN-to-LAN connexions. or applications like imaging. electronic mail and in writing file transportations with equal simpleness. With all of these capablenesss. Frame Relay is an first-class pick for DesignIT. I will configure a Class C web for DesignIT with an IP of 192. 168. 0. 0/16. There will merely be one subnet for this web. I have selected a Class C web because it exhibits the ability to battle spamming of sites located on the same waiter. Search engines have removed associating power from one site to the other in instance they are on the same category C IP. I will take web security steps so as to implement the best security for DesignIT. The security will be designed in respect to the user group in inquiry. this means that the two interior decorators will portion different user groups with the receptionist if need be. I will implement entree control measures such as entree logs so as to pull off what each user should hold entree to in resp ect to the organisational policies and processs. I will besides put in ESET NOD32 Antivirus in the Small Business Server. The Cisco Linksys Firewall will besides be a cardinal device for heightening security ; it will command entrance and surpassing informations communicating through analysing informations packages and giving permissions based on security regulations. The Bus Topology is the best suited for this web ; the coach topology is the simplest web topology. Besides known as additive coach. in this topology all computing machines will be connected to a immediate overseas telegram or a overseas telegram joined together to do it immediate. Ethernet is the common illustration of a coach topology. Each computing machine determines when the web is non busy and transmits informations as needed. Computers devices in a coach apology listen merely for transmittal from other computing machines ; they do non reiterate or send on the transmittal on the other computing machines. It is besides deserving observing that the signal in a coach topology travels to both terminals of the overseas telegram. To maintain the signal from resiling back and Forth along the overseas telegram. both terminals of the overseas telegram in a coach topology will be terminated.

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Knowledge, Innovation, and Learning Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Knowledge, Innovation, and Learning - Essay Example The aim of our project was to highlight how 3M is capable of sharing knowledge across social networks, as well as sharing it within social networks to create new innovations. As a participant in this process, I gained experiences researching and understanding complex business resource issues as well as investigating and rating how one company implements these ideas. Our process was mainly twofold. First, we conducted a literature review. We investigated knowledge management, innovation as a competitive advantage, types of data, information and knowledge as well as how the cycle of knowledge works. Next, we analyzed how 3M applies these principals to the business world and made certain recommendations. As well as our project went, there is still room for improvement. There were pros and cons to the process, however. They are expressed as strong and weak points of the process, positive and negative experiences as well as positive and negative feelings. The process was strong in that we all had great ideas to proffer to our project, but weak in that we had a difficult time discerning which ideas to implement. Furthermore, the positive experience was that we were able to bring it all together in the end. The negative experience was that often times some of the group was hearing the other members but not really listening to them. His elicited some negative feelings along the way. When waves off the opinions of others as unimportant, it creates feelings of opposition instead of cooperation. In the end,  however,  the completion of our project made everyone feel accomplished. These are some of the dualistic challenges one meets while working with others.